Thursday, March 25, 2010

Huffington Post

Hi out there,

Check out The Huffington Post's new blogger!

Mine is the one directly above Sienna Miller's post...


  1. Andrew that's pretty cool! I'm glad to see more people will see your writings!

  2. Andrew, its great to see this blog and catch up on what you are doing. Its sounds like you are taking advantage of an incredible experience and opportunity to serve others.

    I found this post interesting for its honesty in that it does highlight some unintended consequenses of a purely altruistic endeavor. I have always believed that good intentions aren't enough. Outcomes are what we should measure the success of an endeavor by. But if we never did anything unless the outcome was perfect, we would never do anything. I think we just have to weigh the benefits and the costs and ask ourselves, on the whole am I doing more good than harm (often not an easy question to answer) and hope that good winds up on the right side of the scale. I once heard someone say that our choice in life is to "make the world a little better or a lot worse". So if you feel you are making the world a little better that's enough. Good doesn't seem to happen in huge dramatic strokes but in small steps. A murderer can take away a persons life entirely through their own act. A doctor can only help save a persons life with the help of thousands of other people. People who give plasma, people who make medicine, people who bottle it, people who ship it, People who deliver it, nurses who administer it, the strength, spirit, and immune system of the patient to whom it is administered. Each one of those people can do a little bit of good, that together saves that life. Our capacity for evil is just so much greater than our capacity for good. If you believe that on balance you are helping more than hurting don't let it get you down. anyhow, just wanted to share some thoughts with you. take care!