Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello out there?

So I have this Google Tracker device telling me that I have a fair number of people out there in multiple different countries reading this blog. I keep telling myself there must be a glitch, but if not, two things come to mind:
1. I'm stressed to know that there are people out there actually looking at this thing
2. Where are all the questions and comments from the readers? Am I answering everything you want to know about Haiti? I must not be.

So please feel free to write in and ask a question, let me know something you want to hear about, or just tell me a funny story so I can have a laugh when I come home at the end of the day. I'd love to hear from you and I hope you'll continue to follow along with the story.



  1. the photos are excellent - they capture the wonderful nature of the Haitians there and they vividly portray some of the conditions, but it would be useful/informative to have more big photos, from afar, showing the full panorama, the whole scope, the wide scale, which seems to get overlooked. Thanks for what you and DRI are doing. What a gift!

  2. We're out here looking at this thing alright! Andrew you are our eyes in Haiti so thank you for your vivid descriptions, your honest accounts of your adventure there, and your compassion which we can hear in your writings. I read them immediatly when you send them so send every day that you can!