Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last Night

As Gordo and I sit here with a couple delicious Haitian beers finishing up emails and merging contacts before I fly home tomorrow morning, I wanted to write some "last night thoughts" down to share with ya'll. But then I received a message from Chris, the reporter from the Santa Barbara Independent who was here with us for the first week, saying that his article came out today so I figured I'd have you read that while I reflect a bit more. I think it's a great article and captures what we've all kind of been feeling here.

Check it out at:

Other than that I'll just share this photo to show you that the 60 pallets of medicines we brought into the country and then into our warehouse two weeks ago have now all been distributed to 25 different hospitals and clinics in and around the earthquake affected areas of Haiti. And when I come back a week from Monday, my first task is to clear and distribute another 5o more!

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