Monday, February 8, 2010

5am Karaoke

Every morning at 5am the massive tent city on the other side of the hotel walls comes to life. It usually starts with some sort of hour-long drum circle, chanting, and possibly a Congo line. From there, it turns into a karaoke party. Different people step-up to whatever voice amplification system they have set-up and take turns rapping, singing, and performing what could only be described as a religious operetta.

Since we can't see over the walls, we usually lie in bed for these hours just imagining the scene on the other side. Is everyone up at 5am participating in this Congo-line drum-circle? Are some people also trying to sleep and saying, 'shut the heck up it's 5am for God's sake?' Do they actually have a microphone plugged in somewhere over there or do some people have superhuman voice boxes? Your guess is as good as mine. But for now, my day starts at 5am.

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  1. recently, i've become fascinated with Athe merican missionaries / religious individuals in Haiti that apparently think it's cool to start importing Haitian orphans back to the US with no regard. in response, the Haitian government has arrested and imprisoned these missionaries on account of the fact that this constitutes abduction. on the surface this seems like the appropriate response, but it's possible i'm missing something more subtle in the story.

    i was wondering if you've met/interacted with these people and if you had any thoughts/perspective on this given your totally unique perspective. well, you, Brett, and AC 360.

    - mike