Sunday, January 31, 2010

Almost There...

Hi there,
We've made it most of the way. After an overnight flight to Miami and then another short flight to Santo Domingo, we are staying overnight at the "Fiesta Hotel" in the capital of the Dominican Republic because the UN flight into Port-au-Prince (PAP) doesn't fly on Sundays. So we are booked on the 1pm flight tomorrow which will get us into PAP at 1pm (something about a one hour flight and going back in time by an hour).

We are lucky to have a guy named Chris from the Santa Barbara Independent with us for the first week to write his own blog and then a feature story when he gets back to SB. So now there are 4 of us and we're actually going to meet a photographer tomorrow who is going to document some of the shipments arriving into the hospitals.

At dinner tonight, we met a group called "Firefighters for Christ" who have been down in Haiti for 10 days in a city just south of PAP. They had some interesting stories to tell about their time down there but the gist was:

1. This experience is going to change our lives
2. The need down there is tremendous and everything helps
3. They got into a couple of tough spots with some rowdy crowds (who may or may not have been carrying machetes) but in the end their prayers made them get through it.

I guess I'll take all the advice I can get...

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